Thursday, December 1, 2011

Celebrity Endorsements

In class yesterday we discussed the 'balance theory' and how celebrities that endorse products could affect whether a person buys a product or not - the theory is that if you don't like the endorser, you can either change your mind about the person, or you can keep yourself in balance by disliking the product as well.

I started to think about products or brands that I dislike because I'm not a fan of the celebrity endorser. Pretty much anything with Kim Kardashian is big "dislike button" for me. I don't understand why she is famous and everything about her screams fake and scandalous. So, Sketchers and her Sears clothing line are definitely not for me. Paris Hilton is another celebrity that I strongly dislike - I will never eat a Carl's Jr burger (one because she endorsed it and two, that was disturbing).

I also started to think about brands that I don't like, and how, if a celebrity that I used to like endorses that brand, I sometimes feel disgust about that person. I don't want to open up a bag of worms with this, but PETA really irritates me. I'm all for the ethical treatment of animals - I have always owned a dog and the one I have now is literally like my child. However, the founder of PETA is an over-the-top, irrational, and arrogant woman who destroys property in order to make a point. Furthermore, I also believe that hunting animals for food is perfectly legitimate - PETA does not. So, when a celebrity that I like does an endorsement for PETA, I immediately feel annoyed with that celebrity.

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